A group of young Linux freaks got together in 2001 with the sole intention of contributing to the open source community. They toiled hard and made a great group, contributing actively to open projects and also helping students and professionals with programming on Linux Kernel. Later on in the year 2003, they set-up Veda Solutions and started exclusive Linux based training and technical consulting. Today with over a dozen clients we are at the helm of delivering highly trained or experienced resources on Linux core programming.

We exclusively deliver resources on core areas like Linux Device Drivers, Embedded Linux, Embedded Linux Applications, RTOS, Kernel based development and related areas.

Our relationship with Linux is what makes us deliver you unmatched quality resources. Right now we only wish to add you as our valued customer and show you how excited and clinical are we when it comes to delivering highest quality core Linux programming resources


Welcome to Our Resource Trove

You are right now at the best place to find and engage Linux system software engineers, who can jump in and kick-start your critical software projects.Just call or mail us your requirements and start plugging in resources for your projects.

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