Technical Consulting If a day or two of expert advice can help you to move your project work to the next level, then our technical consulting can just be the right solution for you. Our area of expertise is limited to:
  • Linux Kernel
  • Linux Device Drivers
  • Embedded Linux
Contract Man Power If you are looking for contract resources over short or long periods of employment without the hassles of hiring permanent resources, then we deliver you the best pool of talents to pick from. Benefits include:
  • Resource acquisition from Veda's knowledge center
  • We do not rely on job portals thus avoiding mediocre resources
  • Full understanding of individual resource's capability, analyzed over a period of time through our knowledge center
  • No hassles or hiring full time engineers
  • Resources exclusively on core Linux domain
  • Veda's legacy skill building training ensures highest quality
  • Unique post recruitment need based training support
Contract to Hire You know that any stringent interview procedure cannot guarantee identification of skilled resources. It's only during work that the true potential of the hire will be known. So how do you deal with this issue? The answer is Contract to Hire Contract to hire is fast emerging as the preferred mode of fool-proof recruitment when it comes to hiring highly skilled resources. So pick from our pool of core Linux programming engineers on Device Drivers, Kernel Programming and Embedded Linux, test them and settle for the best.
Software Development We only undertake well defined development projects on core Linux including Device Drivers, Embedded Linux, Kernel based development or any system software development projects on Linux. R&D based projects will be handled only on consulting model through plug and play, contract resources.

Welcome to Our Resource Trove

You are right now at the best place to find and engage Linux system software engineers, who can jump in and kick-start your critical software projects.Just call or mail us your requirements and start plugging in resources for your projects.

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